Okay so I don’t usually- nvm i’m always posting rants. LOL. But yeah. If you choose to be in a relationship with someone and they don’t want to have sex with you, that’s their decision. And unless your partner already has given you permission/ say they are okay with you sleeping around with someone else, don’t go off and fuck around with other people. What got me so mad is that a guy I use to have a friends with benefits relationship with is now in a REAL relationship with his new girlfriend (i’ll call him peter and her jasmine because of privacy). But peter suddenly had an interest to talk to me one day again ( I knew it was for sex, obviously ). I have told him several times to leave that part of our relationship alone and if that cant happen we would have to not talk anymore. I told him that I respect his relationship and most importantly MYSELF enough to not do that kind of shit. So I managed to delete him off facebook and get as much contact information off of my phone/ websites/ etc of him because I knew that if anything had  happened ( even if it was small ) that I would have that burden with me, he would, and we would just be creating the biggest mess of a lie possible. Little white lies, lead to enormous lies. Be careful of what you do with yourself and other people. You might think that it wont hurt anybody but it will. 

I just wanted to share a little bit of my story with you guys on here because I know how hard  it can be if you have been vulnerable with people in your past but you can 100% get past it! Its a little secret (lol barely a secret) but its something you were or maybe weren’t taught in life called will power. It becomes very handy when making some of the most important decisions. Especially if the decision could backfire right away.